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Luxe Table Top Décor

Luxe Table Top Décor

Details matter when it comes to creating the perfect tabletop décor, which is why it is best to find pieces that are well-made, impactful, and absolutely stunning. However, with so many décor pieces to choose from, you should have a working theme to guide you through the process of putting together the pieces that work with your existing décor.

Our selection table top décor employs high quality materials masterfully crafted in making that ideal theme that is more unique and personalized look.

Opulence has many forms and it doesn’t need to be expensive. At Tyetye we provide the finest artisan-inspired luxury pieces with an affordable price tag. The designs are Asian-inspired capturing the colorful and creative décor for your table top presentation, from contemporary to eclectic styles.

5 Stunning Trays to Ground your Table top Décor

 Luxor Shagreen Taupe Serving Tray
You’ll need a base to anchor down your luxury table top elements. This is also a practical serving piece that you can remove your table top ensemble quickly anytime you need to clear away your table top. You can start with the rectangular tray such as Luxor Shagreen Taupe Serving Tray or go with a circular tray to add contrasting form on your rather boxy-shaped table with Aries Faux Shagreen Round Grey Green Tray.


A striking design element is veneered in faux shagreen with a starburst design and sturdy gold geometric brass handles. The tray is a supreme serving piece that works just as well off-duty when stationed on a coffee table or home bar, promising to add glamour to both modern and traditional interiors.



Eye-catching Hues.

This digitally printed art table mat boasts vibrant red hues in Sharkskin fabric that is water resistant. When you want to add warmth and drama to your table, these are the perfect backdrop for your table setting, combining sophistication and fun. The smokey red placemat works well in both formal and informal settings. For everyday use, wipe clean; for special occasions, dress up with luxe tableware.

The earthen undertones of these table mats are perfect in creating a cozy and organic touch to your table ensemble.


 Botanicals – Nature’s Prints.

These gorgeous floral and fern prints are also made from Sharkskin fabric and are water resistant which you can easily wipe clean with soap and water. These are perfect visual pieces to jazz up your table top look and add life to any corralled table top. You’ll find them in two varieties, the first is the Camellia Bloom Placemats ( set of 4) which has light pink, green, violet and indigo hues. The eastern colors are vibrant much like flowers popping up from your mat thanks to the strong black surrounding contra

 Another colorful option is the Tropical Placemat (Set of 4) that has more rusty color tone with red-orange and yellow-green hues, reminder of the richness of the rainforests.

 Oriental Abstract Prints

A cool alternative to your warm colors, this abstract pattern infuses the rich detail of oriental patterns in a mesmerizing display of indigo, brass and white tones. The almost-monochromatic palette are as visually stimulating as your colorful mats but with a surreal and dimensional quality.


Indigo Black Elegance Placemat (Set of 4)



Transparent Table top Tray

    This transparent table round tray is made of high-gauge 0.19" (5mm) thick acrylic, has integrated handles, and is digitally printed with our unique designs for the ultimate combination of utility and style. The Ikat-printed high-gauge acrylic measures 35cmx35cm with a 5cm rim. Our sturdy yet stylish Ikat print rectangular acrylic tray is an essential addition to any modern home, as it is both attractive and versatile. Use these super-chic serving trays to make a statement or as coffee table accessories.

     This Round tray is crafted in high-gauge 0.19” (5mm) thick acrylic with integrated handles and digitally printed with our unique designs to ensure the ultimate combination of utility and style. Attractive and versatile, our sturdy yet stylish print round acrylic tray is an essential addition to every modern home. Make a statement with these super-chic serving trays or use as coffee table accessories.



    Organic Shaped

    Going back to the basics, this gorgeous organic shaped placemat is the perfect grounding décor for your table top where it displays fascinating swirls of natural veining much like a sectional cut of your tree-trunk or the oyster shell patterns.

    This organic shaped placemat combines the look of petrified wood with the wipe clean practicality of acrylic. The bold print and natural earth color tones bring an element of subtle style to your table setting. Can be used as a centerpiece mat or as a set of placemats. Sold individually.

     Acrylic Organic Shaped Petrified Wood Placemat


    Love the organic look but need a more rustic look for your table top? These lovely woven placemats add a textural tropical touch to your home, giving it an island vibe. As a centerpiece or in individual settings, this piece can be used. They are lightweight and add an organic style to any home setting.




    Don't feel obligated to fill every square inch of the coffee table. Allow space for people to prop up their feet, place a cup on the table, or play a game. And, if you're decorating the coffee table, leave the end table empty to make more usable space.