two girls on about us

Tyetye, the Asian eye on all things cool, was founded in 2016 by Jaya Oberai and Punita Kamdar.   It is  a lifestyle boutique based in Singapore with an eye for unusual, artisan-inspired luxury lifestyle products at affordable prices. By providing artisans across the world with custom specifications, we harness their creativity and tailor their products to our taste. Each collection is painstakingly curated to yield an exciting range of handcrafted, bespoke home and fashion accessories for personal use or corporate gifting. Tyetye home products include artistic prints on trays, boxes and mats, brass and steel cutlery plated in a variety of finishes, fiberglass, shell and faux shagreen table decor, hand painted ceramics and stunning agates stones polished to perfection to create luxe serveware. We pride ourselves on offering affordable luxury with exclusive small batch designs and unique custom products.

Who we are

Jaya Oberai started her career as a banker in New York, and spent her free time discovering small, lesser known boutiques carrying little treasures for her home. Her passion for design soon led her to plan family holidays in cities where she could befriend local artisans and bring home unusual art, objet and fashion accessories that became conversation pieces. She gave up her financial career to pursue her real passions, embarking on a journey that took her through designing women’s clothes, decorating homes and designing furniture before she found this ideal channel for her varied passions and interest in the world of design.

Punita Kamdar is a Graphic Artist and has worked in the creative arts in various avtars - as an artist, potter and in culinary art. She is an artist in the true sense - creativity infuses every aspect of her daily life as she paints, cooks new culinary delights, entertains and seeks spiritual peace - all equally important parts of her life. She is constantly experimenting, exploring and pursuing her passions.

Tyetye is the amalgamation of the common interests and complementary skills of Jaya and Punita to create unique, high quality lifestyle products using the age old skills of master craftsmen with a modern sensibility suited to today’s homes and lifestyles. The benefit of working directly with artisans is that we can offer custom lifestyle products made to your specifications by skilled craftspeople. We invite you to experiment with colour, explore the world of print, experience a variety of materials and put a truly unique touch on your home or wardrobe with one-of-a-kind accessories!